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Men's narrow tie black with smooth pattern 15914

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Men's narrow black tie .. more

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Slim Microfiber Necktie

A narrow cut tie, sometimes called simply SLIM is a sport like tie suitable also for less formal occasions. One should also consider one’s character as well as suit and shirt when choosing a SLIM type tie.

SLIM tie emphasizes one’s figure and bestows a mark of individuality.

Microfiber is a textile made of a combination of polyamide and polyester which gives the ties both durability as well as an appearance of a silk while being even lighter than silk ties. One can also clean microfiber ties without hesitation and fear of damaging it.

Úzká kravata z mikrovlákna

«See the difference between standard and slim cuts by pointing your cursor on the image.


  • Colour: black
  • Pattern: smooth
  • Sex: Men

Men's narrow tie black with smooth pattern 15914

A men's slim black tie with a plain pattern is a great way to add some elegance to your outfit. The tie is suitable for men of all body types and can be worn with different types of suits or shirts.

Length: 150 cm

Width: 6 cm (at widest point)

Composition: 100% microfiber

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