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(Sold out) Men shirt WR London (height 198/204) 1674

(Sold out) Men shirt WR London (height 198/204) 1674

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Black-and-white checked shirt .. more

Men shirt WR London (height 198/204) 1674

Men's black-and-white checked shirt.

Men's shirt collar is decorated in the style button down. This means that the lobes collars clipped to shirt buttons.

The shirt has long sleeves. It is decorated cuffs.

Collection: WR London

Material: 100% cotton


Brands: Willsoor
collar: button-down
Colour: black
Cuffs: Buttons
Sleeves: Long
Cut: Classic (Regular fit)
Pattern: checkered
Collection: Willsoor London
Material: 100% cotton
Sex: Men


Classic Shirts

A classic shirt with long sleeves, buttoned cuffs and simple cut with two back darts. Suitable for men seeking the more classic look. 

Klasické košile


Button-down Collar

Buttoned-down collar with to the shirt buttoned leafs is a great choice for more leisure-time activities and non-formal occasions.

No need to worry about matching the right kind of tie as one does not wear one with the buttoned-down collar.

Límec button-down

100% cotton

100% cotton means that you have a guarantee of completely natural material and the maximum comfort imaginable. Very soft, delicate and highly airy fabric gives you the feeling of freshness throughout your whole day.

Bavlna 100%


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