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Women shirt Willsoor 809 in white color

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Classic collar

KENT classic collar with stiffeners is broadly used in all types of shirts – business and leisure alike. Due to the collar’s narrower front spread it’s more recommended to combine with smaller knots.

Classic collar well compliments those with oval facial features.

Klasický límec

100% cotton

100% cotton means that you have a guarantee of completely natural material and the maximum comfort imaginable. Very soft, delicate and highly airy fabric gives you the feeling of freshness throughout your whole day.

Bavlna 100%

2 W Plus

2 W Plus is an advanced technology preventing piling. Thanks to the fibres better arrangements is textile very soft to the touch although still durable and very easy to clean as well. Shirts treated with the 2 W Plus technology are of the top quality and will maintain the perfect appearance throughout the whole day.

2 W Plus


  • Height: 176/182
  • Material: 100% cotton, 2W Plus
  • Sleeves: Long
  • collar: classic
  • Colour: white
  • Pattern: smooth
  • Cuffs: Buttons
  • Sex: Women

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Women shirt Willsoor 809 in white color

Blouse in white.


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