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(Sold out) Men narrow tie (pattern 1312) 8467 in black&blue color

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Men's tie with strips .. more

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Slim Microfiber Necktie

A narrow cut tie, sometimes called simply SLIM is a sport like tie suitable also for less formal occasions. One should also consider one’s character as well as suit and shirt when choosing a SLIM type tie.

SLIM tie emphasizes one’s figure and bestows a mark of individuality.

Microfiber is a textile made of a combination of polyamide and polyester which gives the ties both durability as well as an appearance of a silk while being even lighter than silk ties. One can also clean microfiber ties without hesitation and fear of damaging it.

Úzká kravata z mikrovlákna

«See the difference between standard and slim cuts by pointing your cursor on the image.


  • Colour: black, dark blue
  • Pattern: striped
  • Sex: Men

Men's narrow black tie with a petite pattern 13468

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