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Are you interested in fashion, business or lifestyle, you have your website and want to earn some money? Willsoor offers the largest collection of premium shirts Czech market, a modern slim fit cuts, formal business succession and oversized. We guarantee you had plenty of material that can promote and secure a new source of income!

The commission is calculated on purchases at e-shop Willsoor.cz who make the visitor who comes through affiliate banners, links, newsletter, contributions to social networks and so on. From each of the steps undertaken and completed orders will pay you a commission of 10% of the purchase price.


We are an established brand with a lot of regular customers. How do we achieve this?


- In addition to size customers choose shirts and according to height = custom shirts for the price of clothing

- Revolutionary Satisfaction Guarantee

- If the shirt does not, e-shop and get her free will come to your home

- Gift wrapping all range as standard

- 10% discount for loyal customers


You go into it with us? These numbers may be of interest:


- 10% commission per completed purchase

- Over 1000 models shirts according to current season

- 100% customer satisfaction (55 reviews)

- Conversion rate over 1.2%

- Attended by about 200 per day UIP

- Cookies 45 days


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