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When dealing with personal data, the shop Willsoor.cz agrees to abide by the Act no. 101/2000 Coll., On personal data protection. If there is a business case, it is necessary to transmit personal customer information suppliers, shop Willsoor.cz undertakes to transmit this information to prior approval by the customer. Sout the consent can not be any information of a personal nature to pass.


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Worried about buying on Willsoor.cz? Like most online stores we have customer service Verified graders Heureka.cz. Through reviews of customers found their point of view, how our services and how they are satisfied with them. Learn more about our review you'll learn after clicking on a link.

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Every shirt you order from us, motorcycleefully packed in a special box Willsoor, which can also be used as a gift. Ostatn

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