Willsoor / Exchanges/Returns/Refunds


Filing a complaint

  • If you wish to file a complaint about the goods you received, please fill in this on-line form here.
  • Wait for our customer support to get back to you with the decision about the complaint.
  • It is not necessary to immediately send the goods back to us, in some cases only the photographs may be sufficient enough.

Returns and exchanges of goods

  • If you wish to either return or exchange an items you received please fill in this on-line form here.
  • You will shortly receive details about the returning process to your email address.

Return address:

Next CRE, s.r.o.
street Poštovní 244
Třinec 6
ZIP 73961
Czech Republic


  • Goods can’t be worn out and/or show marks of being used or damaged.
  • In order to avoid possible damage during the shipment please package the goods securely – preferably in its original box.
  • We do not accept packages sent back to us as cash-on-delivery. These packages will be send back to your address on your costs.

Reimbursements and time-periods

  • Your request will be dealt with within 3 working days or less.
  • Money will be refunded to your bank account within 14 working days counting from the day we receive the returned goods.
  • Please also note that when exchanging products a new order must be placed.

Not sure how to proceed?

Get in touch with us using following email address: info@willsoor.eu

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