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In case of question regarding the status of your orders complaints, or returns , please do not hesitate to contact our customer support at store@willsoor.eu

Willsoor / Orders with Twisto.cz

Orders with Twisto.cz

What is a Buy eat?

It is a quick payment method that works as follows:

  • goods you order one-click e-shop
  • home goods, and try to expand
  • if you are happy with it, you pay within 14 days

Buy for sure Willsooru pay for your shipment right away, you then within 14 days of receipt of goods (on Christmas Day until 20 January 2016), pay on behalf of buy and eat.

EVENTS Christmas

For all purchases Buy No doubt effected by 24. 12. 2015 you can extend the due date of the invoice until January 20, 2016! The payment gateway Buy for sure simply check the "I want to pay up in January" and pay a symbolic 1 CZK popletek.

How to pay?

After submitting your order, please contact your registered e-mail address payment order from Buy for sure with a due date within 14 days of receipt of goods / to 01/20/2016.

The price of the goods, plus a fee of Buy dine in the value of CZK 39 (CZK +1 per contract extension until January). The fee must be paid even if the goods within 14 days of return. All other information is available on the website Buy Najisto.cz.

How about the return of goods?

The main advantage of Buy for sure is that they pay for the goods until the moment you have with the qualities of 100% sure. Thus, there are concerns about improperly chosen color, size and so on. Buy for sure is the only payment method. Any vácení goods therefore always consult directly with Willsoor.cz!

Need more information?

Any other questions about the special offer "Orders to Buy for sure" be glad to answer by calling 776 527 242 or e-mail address obchod@willsoor.cz.

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